17 January, 2019

Thomas Röhler's 93.90m in Doha

  • © Jiro Mochizuki

In the latest in our series of flashbacks, we take a look back at Thomas Röhler's 93.90m Diamond League record throw in Doha in 2017, which kickstarted a glistening season for German javelin throwers.

Over the last two years, Germany has dominated the men's javelin, with Thomas Röhler, Johannes Vetter and Andreas Hofmann notching up victory after victory on both the Diamond League circuit and beyond. 

The age of Teutonic dominance arguably began in May 2017, when Röhler and Vetter went head to head in a thrilling clash in Doha. 

Vetter looked to be in the driving seat after an early effort cleared 89m, and with 90m throws still quite a rarity at that point, he could have been forgiven for thinking that the points were in the bag. 

Yet Röhler was having none of it. Effectively needing to clear 90m to win the competition, he hurled an extraordinary 93.90m effort sailing through the Doha night sky. The javelin eventually landed just a few metres in front of the cameraman who, in an act of remarkable clairvoyance, had decided just before the competition to move his position back a few metres for extra safety. 

So it was that Röhler's throw left everyone unscathed - apart from perhaps Vetter and his pride - and marked a new German and Diamond League record. 

Vetter, though, would get his revenge soon enough, beating Röhler's mark with an incredible 94.44m in Luzern later that year, before taking the gold medal at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London.