04 June, 2019

Press conference in Rome on the eve of the Golden Gala

  • Roma 02/06/2016 Diamond League Golden Gala Pietro Mennea - foto di Giancarlo Colombo/A.G.Giancarlo Colombo

The schedule of the press conference on Wednesday 5th June

The press conference of the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea with some of the best athletes of the meeting and the organizing committee will be held on Wednesday 5th June at 11. The meeting will take place in the press office of the Golden Gala located in the Sheraton Parco De Medici Rome Hotel, the new official hotel, Viale Salvatore Rebecchini 39 (building 1) in Rome. During the first half of the press conference the 2017-2018 FIDAL Press Prize dedicated to the memory of Alfredo Berra (written press) and Paolo Rosi (TV Radio) will be awarded to Andrea Buongiovanni, Fabio Monti, Maurizio Ruggeri and Andrea Schiavon.


The schedule of Press conferences
11.00: FIDAL President Alfio Giomi, Meeting Director Luigi D’Onofrio and ceremony of Press awards

11:30: Noah Lyles (200), Michael Norman (200), Ramil Guliyev (200), Filippo Tortu (200)
12:00: Dina Asher-Smith (100), Marie-Josée Ta Lou (100), Laura Muir (1500), Brittney Reese (long jump)

12:30: Rai Benjamin (400m hurdles), Sandi Morris (pole vault), Katerina Stefanidi (pole vault), Gianmarco Tamberi (high jump)