29 May, 2018

A TV cooking show with the Golden Gala stars

Coburn, Perkovic, Finley, Praught-Leer and Tate were the main stars of an entertaining TV cooking challenge in the Golden Gala headquarter.

Before competing at the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea next Thursday, four top athletes have started their experience in Rome by participating in a TV cooking show organised by the Local Organising Committee.

At the Sheraton Roma Hotel, the meeting's headquarters, discus throwers Mason Finley from the United States and Croatia’s Sandra Perkovic, and steeplechase runners Emma Coburn from the USA and Jamaica’s Aisha Praught-Leer, were the main stars of an entertaining TV cooking challenge. Italian chef Carmine De Angelis was in charge of teaching and leading the TV show where the four athletes were part of two separate teams: the discus throw crew and the steeplechase squad. An international jury was appointed to evaluate the dishes.

The two teams had to prepare two typical dishes from the Lazio region: maltagliati pasta with Atina beans, black cheek lard and Picinisco pecorino, and buffalo meat carpaccio from the Agro Pontino with cruditè of artichokes from Sezze and extra virgin olive oil of Priverno.

The four athletes, who enjoyed the show sharing smiles and laughters, were able to prepare the two dishes in a record time and pleased the taste of the jury. Just for one point, Team Discus Throw won over the opponents, despite Coburn usually enjoys cooking and posting recipes on her social media.

PHOTOS (Credits Montesano/FIDAL)

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